Can Title Insurance Protect Tiny Homes?

We know Wisconsin has questions about tiny homes, and Premier Closing Services LLC has answers – at least when it comes to how title and title insurance work for these popular small residences.

As with many things in our state, rules and regulations do vary depending on the county or municipality. Maybe not surprisingly, both Milwaukee and Dane counties have specifically addressed this topic and seem to be the most lenient. We’ll go over the state stipulations below, but it’s important to check if there are local standards for your area. 

So how is title established for a tiny home?

The major factor in determining a tiny home is whether it was built off-site and brought to the land it sits on or if it was built on-site. If built off-site, the property is considered actually a manufactured home.  The WI DSPS issues titles for mobile homes.

For those built off-sites for its title to change, the tiny home’s license either needs to be surrendered once the property is fixed to the land OR transferred from owner to owner as the property exchanges hands. If there’s a lien or a mortgage on the property AND the title isn’t surrendered, the lien must be added to the title. 

For tiny homes built on-site and is fixed to said land from the start – it acts like any other residential property in Wisconsin. In this scenario, your tiny home is certainly unique, but the process of getting title insurance for the property it sits on won’t be. 

One more important regulation to note: Wisconsin’s minimum square-footage requirement for a permanent dwelling is 120 sq feet.

Can Title Insurance help protect a Tiny Home?

Yes!  When the home is fixed to the land by being built on-site or by the surrendering of the title for those built off-site, they are considered part of the Real Estate. Title Insurance for an Owner’s Policy and Loan Policy can both be issued.  

If you’re ready to buy a tiny home using a mortgage, it’s important to know what rules your lender will want you to follow.

No matter how small – or big – your next transaction is, the people from Premier Closing Services LLC are invested in your success. Thank you for choosing us for all your title and closing needs.