Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects

The act of Phishing is when scammers lure victims in with some type of bait only to capture their private details in the process. Wire fraud cases can begin with Phishing, which is why scammers can succeed. 

It starts when a scammer pretends to be an official service provider, co-worker, bank, or friend and asks for your login credentials. They will grab your attention with an email or call asking you to click on a link, open an attachment or resolve a problem. Before you can take action, you will be asked to provide login details on a fake page that can look very official or use an URL that looks similar to the actual entity. 

To combat these scams, learn the signs of phishing emails, and always be weary of receiving something you weren’t expecting. Below is an infographic with the top Phishing Email Subjects in 2022