Are you annoyed by Bugs? 4 reasons you shouldn’t hate all bugs.

Did you know that out of 1.5 million known insects and species, more than 97 percent of bugs and insects benefit our gardens?  Of course, some insects are destructive and should be controlled, but don’t let the pesky insects convince you to hate all bugs!

4 reasons not to hate all bugs:

  1. Good bugs devour bad bugs.  Good bugs keep our bad bug populations in control by eating the bad guys. Yes, bad bugs can die young and the good survive!
  2. Pollination.  Like our trusty bee friends, many crops and plants rely on insects’ pollination delivery process to flourish. 
  3. Breakdown of dead materials.  Hungry insects help break down and eat decayed plants, discarded food, and animal carcasses.  
  4. Ignite our imaginations and world.  Bugs come in many colorful, unusual forms and sizes!  Some can be very eye-catching, especially the fireflies that shine a light on the darkest of nights.