Lookout for these Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subject Lines this Summer!

email phishing alerts

As we enter the summer months, the digital landscape remains as hot as ever, with cyber threats lurking beneath seemingly innocent emails. Phishing attacks, those deceptive emails designed to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious software, continue to evolve. For those already familiar with the dangers of phishing, staying vigilant is crucial, especially when cybercriminals adapt their strategies to exploit seasonal trends. By understanding these common lures, you can better protect yourself and your data from falling victim to cyber scams.

HR-Related Subjects Represent Half of the Malicious Emails Clicked

Studies and polls have revealed the prevalence of HR-related email subjects in phishing attempts, such as vacation policy notifications, dress code changes, and past-due training alerts. These seemingly innocuous topics can significantly impact end users’ daily work. For a comprehensive list of the top phishing email subject lines to watch out for this summer, refer to the KnowB4 infographic below!

phishing infographic on most clicked email subject lines