3 ways your clients can give their home a proper send off

saying goodbye to a home

Happy spring from Premier Closing Services! We all know now is the start of the traditional homebuying season in Wisconsin. However, while finding a new home and starting another chapter is often an exciting time, this article from Realtor.com got us thinking a bit. 

Why? Because it’s all about saying goodbye to your current home, which we thought would make a perfect message to share. So, while most Closing Days should be celebratory occasions, here are three ways your clients can give their home a proper send-off before starting anew.

Do that ONE thing you never got to do before you leave

No matter how excited you are about moving into your next home, there’s likely one thing you always thought would be a good idea in your old space. For whatever reason, it never happened, but you still have time to change that. Plan that event or farewell party for one final memory.

Remember the good times – room by room. 

This suggestion is not for those who follow the “rip off the Band-Aid” approach to life. However, the article talked to a professional grief counselor – and frequent home mover – for this, which certainly has some merit. Explore each room for a final time, and talk about the milestones and memories from each space as a group. For some families, especially those with young children, it’s even helpful to say one final “Goodbye Room.”

Write a letter to the new buyers about everything you love about the house. 

Put down on paper what you loved about your old house. Include your favorite memories and wish the new buyers a life full of some of the same good times that you had. Wish them luck and joy in their next chapter. Encourage them to make the space their own but let them know that you hope they have as much fun in your old place as you did.