National Take a Walk in the Park Day

groups of people walking in a local park

Take a Walk in the Park Day is celebrated annually on March 30. It encourages us to invest in our health without spending any money! Who doesn’t like spending some quiet time in nature? All you have to do is wear some comfortable shoes, find a walking partner (or not), and go for a peaceful walk in one of your preferred parks.

Did you know… 

  • There are 423 National Parks in the U.S.
  • Walking is the most famous form of exercise in the U.S.
  • A regular pair of tennis shoes has a life of 500 miles
  • The average walking speed of a human is 3.1 miles per hour

Ways to Celebrate!

  • The most obvious is to grab your comfy shoes and go for a long walk in a local park!
  • Grab a walking partner and go for a stroll together. It’s a great way to catch up with friends!
  • Join a walking group and post a photo on social media!

Parks we LOVE

Parks that the PCS loves to visit