Even in Winter, Don’t Forget about Curb Appeal!

winter curb appeal

As Wisconsinites, we don’t have to tell you that there is just something extra special about a Midwestern winter, no matter how cold the last few weeks have been. Embrace the joys this season has for us when preparing a home so it stands out in this winter wonderland.

Winter landscaping is worth it. As much as we love this season, it can get a little drab. Combat this with evergreen plants or other colorful winter blooms and bushes. Add exterior lights, such as string lanterns or string lights, to illuminate your home’s architectural features and create a wonderful, inviting environment.

Maintenance is extra important this time of year. And we’re not just talking about clearing the ice and snow for showings and listing photos, either. (Though that’s a key too.) Winter is messy, with slush and salt leaving their mark. Regularly clean your windows, siding, and gutters to keep your home looking fresh and well-maintained. Pay extra attention to a home’s roof by being on the lookout for water damage and ice dams.

Focus on the front door and other outside spaces. This one may seem obvious enough, but it’s worth saying. A bright, fresh coat of paint for the door, a wreath that echoes the season, and a welcoming entryway with a basket of cozy blankets can set the perfect tone. Remember, first impressions last, so make them warm and inviting! If there is a deck or a patio, spruce that up, too. Let people imagine using these great areas all year long.

These tips can help you heat up interest in any property – no matter how frightful the weather is the rest of the winter. Share this advice with prospective sellers and help show them that any time can be the right time to sell their home. We can’t wait to see you with them around a Premier Closing Services closing table soon!