Celebrating National Sandwich Day

Wisconsin, known for its cheese curds and love for all things dairy, has a sandwich culture that reflects its rich agricultural heritage. From classic cheese-filled delights to innovative creations that push the boundaries of flavor, the Badger State has much to offer sandwich enthusiasts.

So, grab your appetite and join us as we explore the world of sandwiches in the Cheese State, celebrating National Sandwich Day with a blend of culinary history and a taste of the best sandwich haunts in the area. Get ready to savor every bite and appreciate the art of sandwich-making in a region that knows how to do it right.

Wisconsin Sandwich Facts

  • A hotly debated topic in Wisconsin is the Cannibal Sandwich! A holiday tradition going back generations, this sandwich is rye bread topped with fresh raw beef and onion sprinkled with salt and pepper. 
  • Have you heard about the classic Poached Burger? It originated at Pete’s Burgers in Prairie Du Chien. The beef is poached in hot water with onions and placed on a bakery roll with the onions and horseradish mustard. 
  • The Limburger sandwich was a staple for Wisconsin immigrants in the 20th century. The sandwich has rye bread, onions, mustard, and sliced Limburger cheese. Nowadays, Monroe’s Chalet Cheese is the only cheesemaker that produces Limburger. 
  • Multiple outlets that pulled surveys for Wisconsinites’ favorite sandwich found that they prefer the classic bratwurst or “sausage roll” as their number one choice! Which isn’t surprising if you look at Wisconsin’s German heritage. 
  • Wisconsin’s top contributor to the world of burgers is the butter burger! A theory suggests that it originated at Solly’s in Glendale, where butter is added to the meat, fried in butter, and then served with stewed onions. 

Some of our favorite Sandwich spots!