5 Haunted Places in Wisconsin

haunted forest

Wisconsin’s picturesque landscapes and charming towns hold more than just the echoes of history—they harbor tales of the supernatural that send shivers down the spines of those brave enough to listen. Join us as we delve into the chilling narratives surrounding five haunted locales, where ghostly apparitions, mysterious whispers, and inexplicable phenomena await those who dare to peer into the shadows.

Riverside Cemetery, Appleton

Discreetly set apart from the main gravesites at Riverside Cemetery is the final resting place of Kate Blood, one of the most notorious ghosts in WI. 

Although the details of Blood’s life or fate are unknown, her gravesite has become a hotbed of paranormal activity. Many visitors have reported an eerie chill, and some have seen a dark, hooded figure that vanishes into thin air. Even more spine-chilling are the stories of blood oozing from the headstone.

Grand Opera House, Oshkosh

The Grand Opera House, built in 1883, is reportedly haunted by Percy Keene, the stage manager there for several decades. The paranormal activity focuses on the balcony where Percy is most often spotted. There are also reports of a phantom dog, unexplained footsteps, and a strange orange-tinted mist that hovers on the stage!

Octagon House, Fond Du Lac

The Octagon House in Fond du Lac has been dubbed the “second most haunted house in Wisconsin” – after the now-destroyed Summerwind Mansion in Vilas County. It was built by Fond Du Lac’s first Mayor, Isaac Brown, in 1856. It contains nine secret passageways, hidden rooms, and a tunnel to a woodshed, though no one knows why they exist. Supposedly, the home is haunted by its original family. The homeowner and visitors alike have reported feeling the touch of cold hands as they move through the house and have seen doors in the home open and close by themselves.

Winnebago Mental Health Institute, Oshkosh

The historic Winnebago Mental Health Institute lies a few miles outside of Oshkosh in the unincorporated town of Winnebago. Originally known as the Northern Asylum for the Insane and later renamed the Winnebago State Hospital, this institution has operated since 1883, serving as a witness to over a century of mental health care practices.

Visitors to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute have reported unsettling experiences, such as disembodied voices, unexplained noises, and even full-bodied apparitions. This chilling location has earned its spot among the top haunted places in Wisconsin, offering a glimpse into a shadowy past and a dark history of mental health in America.

Dartford Cemetery, Green Lake

Cemeteries often have creepy reputations, and Dartford Cemetery is no exception. A resting place for early pioneers, it is one of Wisconsin’s most haunted places. It was featured in an episode of “A Haunting” on the Discovery Channel in 2007.

Visitors to the cemetery have reported seeing Native American Chief Highknocker wandering around in full ceremonial dress. If you attempt to sit on a particular crypt with a crack in the roof on Halloween, you may be pushed off by a ghost.